HortiSat (Integrated Satellite Applications for High-value Horticultural Production) is a research and development project supported by the European Space Agency with the objective of building a portfolio of services for farmers, esp. fruit and vegetable growers. The dedicated Geographic Information System (HortiGIS) has been designed to facilitate ordering of services, integration of data from various sources and distribution of geoinformation products to users. The application of mobile devices and a direct link to agricultural machinery enables provision of legible and easy-to-use recommendations directly to a farmer who operates in the specific part of a farm.

The use of precision farming techniques helps to reduce production costs i.e. use of fertilisers, plant protection products, water, fuel and workload. Agrotechnical treatment adapted to local soil and moisture conditions, and specific crop requirements, leads to increases in crop yields.

HortiSat services are addressed at growers and farmers, agricultural advisors, producers groups as well as other companies operating in the agricultural sector.

Currently the project is in the final phase: the services were designed and developed in line with the users’ preferences and they are subject to testing during the growing season 2014. All stages of the work, including the operational tests, take place in close cooperation with farmers in central Poland.

The commercial implementation of the services is planned for the growing season 2015.